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Embracing Change: The Tricia Turner Group's Transition to Real Brokerage

The Tricia Turner Group has officially partnered with Real Brokerage.

If you've been following our journey, you might have noticed some exciting shifts happening at the Tricia Turner Group. A week ago, we made a significant announcement that we're eager to share with you, just in case you missed it. After nearly five years with EXP, we've embarked on a new chapter by switching over to Real Brokerage.

As a real estate broker, I've always been deeply connected to this industry. In the past, I even had my own real estate company. Our journey led us to EXP, where we spent the last five years growing, learning, and building cherished friendships. The decision to make a change wasn't a slight against EXP; in fact, we continue to hold the utmost respect for the company. The friendships we've cultivated and the growth we've achieved are invaluable to us.

However, life presents us with unexpected opportunities, and as we sought a different direction, we found ourselves drawn to Real Brokerage. The decision wasn't made lightly, but it aligns with our vision of expanding our horizons both within and beyond Texas, bringing our services to even more communities.

Our transition to Real Brokerage has been underway for the past couple of weeks. We've been in the process of moving our agents, listings, and operations. This move is more than just a change in name; it's a commitment to enhancing our services, embracing growth, and reaching new milestones.

You might start noticing the transformation as our signs change, our logos evolve, and our events take on a fresh perspective. We're excited to reintroduce ourselves not just as the Tricia Turner Group but as an integral part of the Real Brokerage family. This change isn't just about business; it's about putting a face to the new logo and embodying the values and opportunities that come with it.

"We're building connections and embracing a future full of promise."

We're particularly enthusiastic about our upcoming plans. Our dedication to education and empowerment is stronger than ever. The real estate industry is complex and ever-changing, and we believe in sharing our knowledge with others. That's why we'll be hosting educational classes at our very own event center, Hub 510. These classes will address critical topics like property valuation, navigating a shifting market, and optimizing your home search.

This isn't just for our team; it's for all of you. If you're a real estate agent seeking support and insights, our doors are open to you. We firmly believe that when we collaborate, we all thrive. Our events will be accessible to everyone, designed to provide valuable insights and foster a sense of community.

For homeowners and prospective buyers, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. You'll find the best resources on our websites:,, and Our listings are also exclusively featured on, ensuring you have access to the most up-to-date information.

So, whether you're a real estate enthusiast, a seasoned agent, a homeowner, or a potential buyer, we invite you to embark on this journey with us. Follow us as we embrace change, growth, and community. If you're curious about our move and want to learn more about why we made the switch, visit to schedule a call.

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